My Monster

I have created a monster!!

A few months ago, you would not catch me shopping with Grace. At 2 1/2, she is way too cool to sit in a cart. And hold Mommy's hand in the grocery store?! No way....there are too many fun things to take off the shelf and throw on the ground. Oh, and the tantrums. Cant forget those in the middle of the aisle. So much fun.

Over the holidays, shopping had to get done. There were presents to buy, grocery lists a mile long, and just general trips to the store. Somehow I had to find a way to survive a shopping trip with my toddler.

And I did.

Lollipops if she sits in the cart. French fries for dinner if she let Mommy go to one more store. A promise to watch Finding Nemo for the 15,396th time that week when we get home. It all worked like a charm.

Now its backfiring on me.

Ask any of my friends. I love shopping. It relaxes me. I am thrilled when I find a deal.

I picked Grace up from day care yesterday and asked what she wanted for dinner. Her response: No dinner. Go shopping with Mommy and Daddy and me. I sit in cart and eat lollipop.

I told her maybe later we can go shopping. Basically trying to divert her attention and maybe, just maybe she would forget that she asked for a shopping trip. Maybe Nemo will work. She'll watch Nemo and that will be that......shopping diverted for the evening.

Nope. Grace looked at me with a scrunched up "mad face" and said, "No Mommy. No later. Dont say later. I go shopping now!".

Wonder where all the good sales are tonight???? Maybe Grace and I can find some deals together. A monster has been created............and I love it!


Bri said...

Don't forget, "I'M NOT CRABBY! NEMO!"


So frickin cute!

TeamWinks said...

You created yourself! Minus the enormous tantrum part!