Exhaustion is the only word I have right now. Everything hurts...my feet, my head, my heart, my everything.

Hubby is doing very well in recovery. Still in ICU, but progressing very well. Like I keep telling him, as long as the surgeon and nurses are happy, then so am I.

My sister stayed with Grace on Monday and Tuesday. They made crafts for Daddy----a sign that Grace scribbled on that reads "I Love You Daddy. Feel Better". The picture of her holding the sign is framed and on the table in ICU. So precious.

Since this process started, I havent spent too much time with Grace. While Hubby is in ICU, I hate leaving the hospital. But now I am feeling guilty. She hhas my parentss but shouldnt I be spending time reassuring her that everything is ok? But how do I do that when I need to be with Hubby at the hospital to reassure myself?!? I am having a hard time figuring out how to manage it all.. Oh yeah, I need to take care of me too!

But the good news is that Hubby is doing great!


Bri said...

Just hold on to the good news - B is out of surgery and doing fantastic. And wear sneakers. And sweatpants. And ponytails. You'll be able to sleep anywhere at a moments notice :P

As for Grace - I would be she's feeling pretty darn special getting to hang out with her aunt, grandma and all the friends. She gets to be the center of attention. And we all know single girls (like G & A) LOVE to be the center of attention...

Hang in there - we'll toast to this being behind you in March. And toast to decorating the house. And toast to well, toast. And toast...(you get the idea) :P

-L said...

Hang in there, seriously...you are handling all of this incredibly well. Take care of you too though. Don't worry about Grace, I'm sure she's happy as can be right now with all the attention like Bri mentioned.

Please let me know if I can help out in any way! Oh, and I'm still working on the you know what. Had some problems with it last night but should be ready before B gets home :)