The Christmas spirit has finally hit me.

Every year I look forward to the holidays. Even with all the extra items on my "To Do List", I love Christmas time. The house looks pretty with all the decorations and I just love driving around looking at Christmas lights on all the houses. And finally, after 2 years, Grace is into the whole sharade as well. Santa is the most important guy in the world to her right now.

But for whatever reason, it took until last night for the excitement to hit me. I just couldnt get reved up for it all this year. Shooping became annoying to me (that NEVER happens!), the decorations were simply in the way at the house, and the lights were just something else to entertain Grace on the way to various errands each day.

Last night, I spent 2 1/2 hours wrapping gifts. Santa presents, work friends gifts, family presents. They are all wrapped and under the tree in the living room.

Thats when it hit me. While I was placing the gifts under our tree.

Strange that a fake 6 foot tall tree, decorated with family memories and with gifts spilling out from under it, can make you feel so happy. I just love it. And now I cant wait for Christmas to come!

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