A Little of This and That

I have not fallen off the Blogger-world. I am here. Just really distracted lately.

My trips around the country are finally over......for now. Thanksgiving was nice and actually relaxing. All my S-A-N-T-A shopping is done thanks to Black Friday deals and now I am trying to focus on work and prepping for Hubby's surgery.

Black Friday rocked. The outlet mall here opened at midnight and so yes, a friend and I were there until 4 am. SO much fun to shop in the middle of the night. By 7 am, I had bought all the gifts for the man in the big red suit to leave for Grace. I know----I am amazing! hehehehehhe!

This week is a little crazy already.......and its only Monday. Tomorrow we meet again with the surgeon to schedule Hubby's aortic aneurysm repair. I keep telling myself that I am ready for all this but in reality, I am just really that good at fooling myself. No matter how scared/worried/upset I am about it all, it pales in comparison to how Hubby must be feeling. And so I hold it in so I can be strong for him. Yes, I need a drink and will fall apart later but for now, I must be strong and just go with the flow the surgeon sets up.

More later.............

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