Have Laptop, Will Travel

My job involves travel. Once a year I am on-site at a meeting for a week. 6 months before the meeting I visit the hotel for a planning visit. And at some point during the year, I take a few days for site cisits for future meetings. These visits are planned out weeks ahead of time. The few days leading up to the visit, I research the hotels I am visiting, the city, and have a list of items to ask about/see/verify/etc. Site visits are extremely important and I like to be prepared.

So how I ended up in Denver yesterday for a site visit is a little crazy for me. I bought the plane ticket at 2:53 pm on Thursday and my flight left DC at 9:00 AM on Friday. And now I am home. I was in Denver for almost exactly 24 hours. When I arrived at the Denver airport Friday, I heard the boarding call for the same flight I was on this morning (Saturday).

Oh, and I just bought a plane ticket for Austin, TX. I leave DC Monday night and come home on the busiest travel day of the year--Wednesday. It better be a damn cool city to have to fly on the day before Thanksgiving!

Oh, how I need a holiday!!!!

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