Dont' Tell the Toddler!

I thouhgt it had stopped. Good report cards were coming home from day care and she seemed to be more herself. BUT I WAS WRONG!

Apparently, Grace has decided to not hit or kick or bit anymore. She has graduated to pushing and pinching. Its a ton of fun, really. At any moment, around any corner, there she is---ready and waiting for you to come near her favorite-toy-of-the-moment. If you do, she will push you. A second attempt warrants a pinch/pull of your hair (and yes, she can handle both those tasks with one hand!!).

Naughty Step doesnt work anymore, taking away toys doesnt work cause all she does is scream until I cant handle it anymore, and sending her to her room doesnt accomplish much cause there are cool toys in there to play with. I raise the white flag. I am clueless on how to stop this!!

And BOSSY----where did that come from?! (Okay, Real Life Friends....no need to answer that question!!!) The other day, I took her to McDonald's for dinner (yea, yea, bad mommy....whatever!) and when she was done and I was done, I told her it was time to go home. She looked at me and said: "No go home. Finish yout juice. Right. Now."

HUH!? Excuse me?! Are you the mommy or am I? I was a little confused there for a minute!

The doctor tells me that its a phase, that she is trying to figure out who has control, and who is in charge, and all that stuff. Well, little one, its ME! And Daddy! Not you, the 2 1/2 year old is not the master of the house.

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA! I am laughing at myself. Seriously, who am I kidding!? Of course she is the master of the house. We just can't let her know!!


KatieJoeandGrace said...

LOVE the Halloween costume! :-) She looks so sweet. But I know your pain... Grace has now started doing the same things to me-- and ONLY to me. She will hit me in the mouth and say "no no", etc. She really has an attitude. No idea how to combat it at this point, but like you said it's just a 'phase'! That doesn't make it any easier though. I'm sure I have more and more to come too...
Good luck!

Bri said...

We just introduced the naughty step - so far so good. She freaks out when she has to sit on it but then again she hasn't repeated the naughty behavior (throwing things - like dinner plates, food containers, etc.) so it may be working for us.

I think we're going to skip the 2nd year. I hear it sucks! :P