Tropical Getaway Wanted

I love the all those home improvement shows. I dream that my house will one day be as organized and perfect as the project houses. Notice, I said DREAM!

With this weekend's "excitement" in the bathroom, I decided to turn my mind to another area of the house because I just cant emotionally handle the kitchen area (that's where 90% of all the issues are at the moment). And so I have decided that since we have to live in the Money Pit, the very least I can do for the Hubby and I is to make our bedroom complete. We painted it and decided on the overall "theme" but havent done much beyond that in terms of decor. It has become the last room on th eprioirty list but that is all changed now in my mind. I want to walk into my room and feel calm and rested (hahahahahhaa---that really is funny in a house with a toddler, isnt it?).

But...........I am at a loss on where to start! I need to move some of my furniture around the room to make for a less boring layout and to take advantage of the space, light, and all that.

My biggest hangup is that the green is becoming a bit overwhelming for me. I need more color!!! But what other color? I dont want to paint the walls anymore but I would like to use another color (or two) as an accent in the bedspread/accessories/etc. In the end, we want a tropical look to the room. Right now I am thinking that coral, blues, and/or purples would look best with the green.

Here are a few of the "inspiration" things I have found lately. This is the bedspread that we cirrently have in the room. I REALLY like this but is it too close to what we already have on the bed? I like it because the color is more of a COLOR, not so neutral that it makes no statement at all!

Any other ideas!?!?!!?

UPDATE Found a great inspiration piece for the bedroom colors. Now I have to decide how to "execute" the inspiration!!!


Bri said...

Allright - here's what I would do - and by no means do you have to take my suggestion - although I will be hurt eternally if you don't :P:

1 - BUY the brown and white bedspread - that's killer - plus it goes with the tropical theme without being too hokie.
2 - Get a huge canvass from Michaels and paint a larger version of what you have on the bedspread - it's a simple design but would be killer.
3 - Paint your makeup area/bathroom that brown color and get white towels. Then accessorize with either real or fake palms. Big palms in the corners. Mini palms on the counters.
4 - Back to the bedroom - Get a big swath of cream/white (whatever the background color is on the bedspread) and drape it over the bed like this - http://www.alternative-windows.com/canopy-bed-drape.htm (sorry not hyperlinked)
5 - If you want a new look to the bedroom set - paint it that chocolate brown.

And you're done - screw this - I'm coming out to see my "vision".

(And now you know why we live in home improvement hell - I have too much "vision")

So-Called Supermom said...

I have vision but NO energy or creativity anymore with this house!!! :) Maybe you should come out and we will get the bedroom done over a weekend!! :)

Bri said...

It's always easier to have creativity and energy when it's someone else's house - that's why its called "Trading Spaces".

I think I may be coming out in September or November - haven't gotten the confirmation from my boss yet :P I'll keep you posted!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

I love any colors of blue with greens. I love decorating, but I'm not very great at it. :-)
Have a great week!