Drama, Where Art Thou!?

Something is bound to happen......soon. Things have been way too drama-free at my house lately. Its really nice; dont get me wrong but when things stay status-quo like this for too long, it is usually not a good sign.

Nope, the ceiling of my bathroom caving in does not count as drama because, well, those things happen around our house all the time. The tree laying across my backyard---nope that doesnt really count either since it falls into the same category as "house crap". Hubby and I are in sync with chores and Grace has been pretty well-behaved (with exception of hitting Daddy and sitting on the naughty step).

Maybe I am anxious like this because I have gotten used to living a drama-filled life. For the past 2 1/2 years, thats all I got----my family going psycho over my engagement, taking care of my mother-in-law in her last days of life, and then becoming a mothe rmyself for the first time. All I remember of the past 2 years is that every time I turned around, there was some BIG event looming and at least one person in my life was loudly and not nicely opposed to it in some way, hence the drama!!! Now that life has pretty much taken over at my house, there is no impending disasters/drama/etc coming at me.

So, what's next? Why do I sit around and try to predict when the other shoe will drop? Cant we just be normal people with normal lived for a week or so at a time?!

Stay tuned....you never know when drama will strike! Just ask Mama Chix!

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Allie said...

dude, that's just cause I'm on the left coast. Don't worry, once I'm back something is bound to happen ;)
The Drama Queen