BlogHer vs. Buffett

Several of the other "Mommy-bloggers" that I read daily are heading to BlogHer next weekend and it seems to be the thing to talk about these days. Okay girls.....I am not bitching that you are talking about it al all....just totally jealous that are going to San Jose to actually meet each other!

So, since I am not attending, there must be something that I can brag and blog about---I know----13 days until the Buffett show!!!!

Yes, that's right folks....Hubby and I are Parrotheads. Grace is what we Parrotheads call a Parakeet (adorable, I know!) and her nickname quickly became "Little Miss Magic". Yes, we scheduled a weekend a few months ago around the date and time that Buffett tickets were going on sale. In fact, there were 3 phones and at least 3 computers scanning the Ticketmaster website for tickets within 10 seconds of sale-time. I didnt get any....but thanks to my fabulous friend Ya-Ya Princess, we have 8 lawn seats! I considered going for Pavillion seats but when I noticed they were $150 A SEAT, I quickly changed my mind. The lawn is where the party really is anyways!

Now the planning must begin. There are 11 of us going to the show together; 3 of the 11 are "Buffett Show Virgins" and they are in for a crazy time!!!!! Where else can you see men walking around freely in grass skirts and coconut bras?

Concert starts at 8 pm. Parking lot opens for "Premiere Parking $20/car" at 12 noon. We will be there, ready to party by 11:30 am.......hey, its all about the location of your tailgating setup!
Even the cars will be decorated in the finest leis, car magnets, and anything else I can find! Thus year, Hubby and I are attaching a shark fin to the roof in honor of Fins and the Feeding Frenzy; Fins to the Right! Fins to the Left! for those of you unfamiliar with my FAVORITE Buffett tune!

Once there, we will set up the "living room" that consists of several chairs, a nice seagrass rug, several garlands of hawaiian flowers, and a few tv trays. Oh yeah, dont forget the grill and the portable blender----after all, what's a Buffett show without frozen margaritas?! And we even have our own skeleton who dangles from the trees above us in full Buffett attire! Its fabulous! Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get them up here after the show!

So there, take that, BlogHer-goers! I may be a little jealous that you get to meet each other for real next weekend, but do you get to party with random people in a dusty parking lot for 8 hours before a concert!? Nope, didnt think so!!!!

I am SO pscyhed!

Side note: If any of you Mommys/Daddys out there are looking for some unique books for your kiddos, check out the books written by Jimmy and his daughter Savannah Jane titled "Jolly Mon" (there is a great song too that matches the book) and "Trouble Dolls"! So great....Gracie loves them


allison said...


Bri said...

Poor child! Growing up with the moniker parakeet :P.

Have fun you guys! Take pictures of the set-up...

ohhhh! also - are you guys going Island-style for Gracie's room?!

Melissa said...

Too funny. I am not going either. Mine is 7 days until vacation.

jennster said...

YAY FOR BUFFET! lol.. i will post pics and talk shit though when i come back! HA

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

I didn't actually go, I just got drunk at home and Blogged about it.