I am exhausted.

Being a parent means there is no more "just me" time, very little quality sleep, and there is never a time during the day when you can "turn off". At work, I must be on top of my Event Planning game and then as soon as I get to day care, I have to switch the hats and be on top of the Mommy game. Oh yeah, and dont forget all the housework that has to get done after the toddler's bedtime! So, when am I allowed to sit down?

Sure, I have times that I lay on the couch watching tv or sit by the pool reading a magazine. But honestly....not relaxing to me! Because as I lay there, seeming to chill out, I am actually thinking of all the things that need to get done/I want to get done/I forget to get done. Somewhere amid all those things, time has to be carved out for quality time with Grace and the Hubby. Unfortunatley, its usually couple time that suffers but I feel safe to say that is pretty par for the course with all the other parents (working or not!) out there!

Something has to give. Not sure what. Maybe now that my maid service is about to start, I can find some time to just hang out with my family. I wont have to be cleaning all the time as the big jobs will be done already. I can hope, can't I?!

For most people, summer is the slow time. Not me....my big event at work is in 14 weeks and so this is the busiest and most stressful time for me. Laying by the poole after work isnt really an option for much longer because I will start bringing work home just to get it done on time while balancing work hours and day care hours. Maybe in November I can take a mini-vacation.....one where I dont actually go anywhere but I dont go to work for a few days and spend some quality time with myself. Ahhh, the thought of that!

I know that I am not alone in all these feelings but right now, it kind of feels that way. Funny how it can be the loneliest when you are surrounded by other people.


A said...

If you want once I'm back in Aug. I can always come over to help out-even if it's just to keep the moo occupied. I know you're stressed-I also know a lot of it has to do w/ the looming deadline 14 weeks out. It will all get done-why? B/c it just will. And I'll help see that it does :)

kbfixit said...

let the Printing Guru do some of your house work. he just found out the IRS is closed until further notice due to water damage and mold treatments. Could be as long as 30 days.


- kb

-L said...

I agree with kb...let him help out ;) And if that doesn't work, just let me know and I'll come over to help out!

Melissa said...

We have a housekeeper coem once a week and we order dinner to be delivered. Makes life so much easier. You are not alone. Summer is no different here either. ;)

krista said...

A maid service- sooo nice. I hope that it DOES give you some of that much needed time.

(I asked your 8 ball up there a question, and didn't like the answer, so I asked it if it was a effing liar, it said, "All signs point to yes" Haha, phew.)