Here's Your Sign

One of my biggest frustarations in life is when someone else's stupidity becomes my problem. Honestly, its a universal problem.....doesnt matter if you are a mom or not, a wife or not, or work in or out of the home. When someone else impacts my day in a negative way because of their own stupidity, I get really annoyed! In case you are wondering, yes, I am having a rough week at work because of someone else's lack of doing their job and general stupidity! ARGH!

So, my friends, I am passing out Signs! You know the ones---Bill Envall hands them out to all the rednecks at Blue Collar Comedy Tour (hey, dont get offended by that--I love that show!).

1. I have hired a third party meeting planning company to set up and manage my online regisration system for the upcoming conference in October. I sent them all the information they needed a month before launch date and checked in with them every week while they built the site. The designer sent me the site address last week and everything was wrong! Not just a few things here and there but everything---the wrong costs were listed, information from last years conference was still on the site, and the name of my company was misspelled. Seriously---this meeting company is one of the top in the industry and this is the crap they send me. I had to send an email to the VP to get someone to respond to my concerns----the end result: the web editor was lazy and didnt spend time on quality control before sending things out to the client. It took 3 days and the web editor working over the weekend to get it done. And I had to repeat myself 50 times to make 1 little thing happen! ARGH! So, Mr Crappy Web Editor----You lost this piece of business for the next few years based purely on your laziness. Here's Your Sign!

2. My boss is holding up publication of my conference registration book because he hasnt decided who he wants as a keynote presenter. Umm....the deadline is tomorrow and you are STILL working on this? The first few days I thought that maybe he was chasing down some psectacular speaker. Nope, he called yesterday to talk about some edits for the book and I found out what he has been working on.....he is concerned and the entire book layout should be changed because 2 breakout sessions start with the word "impact"! Huh? THIS is what you are worried about! His answer---if the book is late it will cost us $2000. Well its only $2K so no big deal". Umm, no......the book will be late because of your stupidity! Here's your sign. Now where is my $2K?!

3. This morning, I was at the gas station. The pump I was at wasnt working so I went into th elittle shop and asked to pay for $25 in gas (only 1/2 a tank these days!). The girl working inside says to me: Oh you want to pay for gas?". No, I want to pay for a a la gas manicure! WTF!?!??! Here's your sign!

4. This is my favorite so far this past week.....My sister and I were standing outside one of the bars this weekend in DC waiting to be let through the red velvet rope. A random (drunk) college kid comes up to my sister (who is wearing a veil, sash reading "Baschelorette", and a necklace drapped with penis beads) nad says "Are you getting married?". Umm, nope, just starting a new fashion trend!! What a fabulous outfit!!!! Here's your sign (and breath mint, drunk!) ((Picture to the left is for reference....nope, doenst look like a bride-to-be out on the town at all.)

The last two didnt really cause any problems for me but damn are they funny!!!! Okay, the bitterness is starting to wear off now----I feel better.

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