All I need in life (at the moment) is:

1. my car to drive me home
2. a pillow
3. a comfy blanket
4. NyQuil to put me to sleep

Yes, folks, SuperMom is sick!!!! I missed the horse races this weekend because of it. And I got through my TOHE party on Sunday all drugged up on Sudafed. Now I am in a daze sitting at my desk, counting the minutes until 2 pm (you see, if I work over 5 hours today, I can call it a full day and not have to take sick time to go home early!).

Sorry for the boring post this morning but I promise for better posts for the rest of the week! Tomorrow I will chat about the TOHE party and the beginning of my new business. And the rest of the week I am dedicating to Moms because, well, I want to talk about all the different kinds of moms in my life (my mom, my "other" moms, mother-in-law, and friends who are moms, daycare moms, etc!). Since its Mother's Day week, I think its appropriate!

Okay, the minute hand is a little closer to 2 pm now. Bye!


-L said...

Does this mean I can blame you for how crappy I feel today? Yesterday I thought it was allergies but I can't seem to kick this awful feeling. I think I caught it from you...yes, I know it's probably not possible but I need to blame someone :) Oh, and thanks for taking $100 from me yesterday!

Feel better!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sorry you're sick! That is no fun!

Happy Mother's Day week!!!

How long will you be in L-ville? It is a pretty fun city. Maybe if I am working up there by then we can catch lunch!?

Bri said...

Ahh....poor kiddo. I think being sick is that much worse with a baby. I can't imagine :(. Feel better!