Letters to Olive Garden

Dear Olive Garden waitress:

For the fifth time, we said $28 on one card and $29 on the other, NOT $20 dollars on the first card. Is it that hard to understand? Seriously!!

On your way back to the table, could you try to look a little less enthusiastic about your job? I know---I was a waitress too and it sucks. Seriously!! Let's try to be a little more animated when dealing with customers next time.....monotone is NOT a good sound for you.

Can I give you one more tip? When there is a child, specifically a toddler at the table, can we NOT put the ceramic plates and glass cups at her setting? Really....paper plates are fine. Remember when I ordered dinner, I asked to have the child's meal brought out as soon as it was ready. Maybe I need to be a bit nore clear, but that does not mean it has to wait to come out with the rest of the food. It means "Bring the kid her food as quick as possible so that she can eat and NOT throw a tantrum in your restaurant". Maybe that is how I will order next time. Your tip would actually INCREASE (from me at least) if you used these tips! Good job with the cheese grater----for 20 seconds you had the toddler's attention.

Thank you.

That Mother

Dear Olive Garden Patrons:

Last night, I was THAT mother. The one whose child screams the entire meal, the mother who cant get her kid to sit at the table for longer than 2 minutes, and whose toddler drew a beautiful crayon picture in the nice new Olive Garden menu.

It was not that long ago that I was you, the patron who just wanted to have a decent dinner out with my friends. I remember looking at THAT mother with annoyance and, quite honestly, hatred because the kid wouldnt stop the tantrums. You are probably thinking "Keep the kid at home". I dont always disagree with you.

However, in my own defense, she had a busy day at day care coloring, building sand castles in the sand box,and dancing. After a long day at work, arent YOU a little cranky? I know I was a little cranky last night.

Short of barricading my family in our house, there is not much I can do about the stutation. She is 2. She throws tantrums when the world stops revolving around her for more than 30 seconds. And no, I was not ignoring her, per se - just trying to get a few bites of my $15 dinner before I left the restaurant.

Maybe you could stop the "Oh, you are a bad mom" looks when I walk by you on my way out the door? It really would be appreciated!!!


THAT Mother


-L said...

It still was a fun night :) Poor Gracie...I agree, her food should have come out way before ours did. Guess the waitress didn't understand that when you told her! Who cares if people were looking at you. What matters is that everyone you know can see that you are a terrific mother! She's just 2 years old, that's what they do :)

Bri said...

So I started reading this and went through several stages:

1 -***pointing and laughing***

2 - Then, "oh, snap, this is going to be me in 1 year!!!!"

3 - OH NO!!! :P

I can't wait for the public embarassment heading our way when Ashtabula kicks and screams during a meal~

Kristen said...

Ugh. Public tantrums. I dread them. We've been lucky to keep them to a short minimum... Lord help me.