Sick toddler=Tired Mommy

Monday was a long day at my house! I was out the door 10 minutes late for day care dropoff and when we got there, Grace decided it was the perfect time to get sick---all over her "dry clean only" coat! Afghani (my day care provider) thought it was just something she ate so Grace stayed at day care---no fever=day care for Grace! By the time I drove 5 miles to the train to get to work, I got the call----"Grace has been sick twice already. You need to pick her up!". Damn---couldnt she have done that later in the day so I could at least get to the office! I turned around and called in to work.

Its always nice to have to call in with a sick child on my 2nd full week at the job. Luckily, I found a job that understands---seriously! My boss said to me "Okay, no problem. Dont worry about things here. Just take care of your baby girl!". I LOVE my job! So, yesterday was spent at home with a toddler who ran a temp of 102 degrees all day long. She didnt get sick once we got home though. Maybe it was her way of telling me that she wanted a "Mommy Day". That was okay with me. Even if I spent the day with a cranky sick toddler, I enjoyed the time at home with her.

We did venture out to the doctor's office though. In trying to keep Grace entertained in the waiting room (we got there 10 minutes early and werent called into the office for an hour!) I actually met some nice, neighborly people (yes they do exist!). Grace decided that she was done with the crayons so she promptly picked up the large container of them and threw it. At least 100 crayons went flying through the air and landed all over the waiting room floor! Several people (all parents or teachers from the look of it!) got up to help me pick them all up. But Grace wasnt done yet---once we got them picked up, she did it again! Ahh, the joys of a 2 year old. Once we got back to the exam room and we were waiting AGAIN for the doctor, Grace was hanging out in her Dora Pullups and thought it would be fashionable to wear her jacket and shoes as well. So, when the doc walked in, there I was reading a Dora book to my daughter who was proudly wearing her diaper, sneakers, and a bright pink winter jacket with fake fur on all the edges. Maybe its the next toddler fashion trend---who knows!? Regradless, we both survived the sick day and back to day care today!

(BTW--can I mention that one day at home with a sick toddler is so much more exhausting than working all day at the office and then going home to do "home-work"!?)


rhonda said...

I totally agree that a day home with a sick toddler is more exhausting that being at work :)

Hope all is well now!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

I agree too. But I think that any day at home, sick or not, is much harder than work!
have a great week!

kba said...

Seriously - yakked on the dry clean only coat?!!? Argh! Poor kid...I wonder what made her sick? What do you do for a sick 2 year old (well almost 2 year old)? Saltines and Dora videos? This whole parenting thing is crazy...do you ever feel like you're just winging it?

So-Called Supermom said...

Stay tuned for an entire post dedicated to your comment KBA!