Pittsburgh or Bust!

We are taking Gracie on a road trip today to Pittsburgh. A friend of ours had a baby boy about a month ago so we are taking the pilgrimage to the Steel City for a visit.

What I am looking forward to-----Primanti Brothers sandwiches (you know what I mean if you have ever had one!), Terrible Towels (I know its not football season but they DID win the SUper Bowl!).

However, not too sure about how the drive up there will be with a 2 year old active little girl. I have loaded the car up with snacks, toys, and drinks so wish me luck!!!

More on Monday when we return!


cheri getty said...

don't know if you have a magna-doodle..but that saves us with our 2 year old..she sits content for a long time with that...that and a DVD player! good luck and have fun!

kba said...

Coleslaw and bologna sandwiches - it is an "experience" :)
Have fun and good luck!!!