Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!! My mother is a "Crowley", my grandmother is a "Taft", and my brother's name is "Brian Patrick"....anyone guess----I am Irish! So today I am sporting my green attire and the Shepard's Pie recipe is ready to be made tonight for dinner. Oh, and of course, the Guiness in chiling in the beer fridge!

Erin Go Braugh!

Let's test your Irish knowledge (just for fun---sorry, no prize today!): What does the following Irish phrase mean? "Scileann fíon fírinne". (Bonus points if you also know the translation of Erin Go Braugh).

(By the way, if wearing green is all I have to do to get lucky these days, I am going to have to buy an entirely green wardrobe. I may look like Kermit the Frog somedays but hell, it will be worth it!)

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