The Finale

Goodbye cubicle. Goodbye short commute. Goodbye clients. Goodbye frustaration and boredom. Goodbye government meeting planning.

I am closing the current chapter of my career and wow---I feel great! A few months ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and changed companies. It was the right thing to do (timing was good, etc). However, the impression I was given during my interview was not what actually occurred in "real life". I have worked very hard the last few years to gain experience, build a solid network in the industry, and to stay on top of all the trends in the industry. If I can say so myself, I have done very well and am an excellent meetings/event planner. The last 6 months in this position has not afforded me a single chance to use my skills. They needed an entry level assistant, not an experienced planner. At this point in my career, I am just not ready to sit idle at my job. I want more....I want to be challenged, I want to stretch my knowledge, I want to actually plan meetings/events (imagine that!).

So I started looking for new positions. I looked in all the different sectors of the industry and landed a position in the association planning arena. Associations, in general, offer so much more for meeting/event planners in long term career advancement. Its a great opportunity for me and I cant wait to start. Today is the last day in my government planning career. Next Thursday is the start of a new me. The first day at a new job is so hard. But I also see it as an opportunity for me. I can leave all the frustaration, etc behind me and start anew with a new office, new colleagues, and a new career path.

Hello office with a door and a window. Hello longer commute. Hello new challenges. Hello new sector of the planning industry. Hello more travel. Hello new me!!!!

BTW---So excited because I already have my first trip planned with the new company in March!! Nashville---here I come!!!!!


-L said...

Whoo hoo, last day! I really am so happy for you. And I had no idea that you were going to get an office. That's awesome! Congratulations, again :)

Kristen said...

Sounds great - and if you ever make it to Memphis - you'll have to let me know. Not sure where your travels will take you - but it sounds fabooo.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Would you be interested in possibly sharing your upcoming experience in making the transition from government to association planning for a meetings industry magazine? If so, drop me a line at sjbhennen @ hotmail.com. I'd love to talk with you!


S. Banks

So-Called Supermom said...

Of course I would! Wow---ME in a mag! Sending the email now!