Bad Mom or Master of Bedtime

Have I mastered this parenting thing or am I still completely un-domestic!?!?!?! Grace gives me mixed signals all the time but tonight was especially confusing!

There is a plastic kitchen in my house that makes all sorts of sounds and Grace loves it! I am counting on her being a good cook as she grows up because I am just now starting to figure out that stove thing in my kitchen! I was helping her make some very appetizing plastic mac and cheese when I asked her if she wanted to make dinner with Mommy. She looked at me with an extremely confused look on her face and promptly handed me the plastic phone attached to her plastic kitchen.

Was that a sign? If so..was it a sign that I shoud stop refering to carry-out/delivery as "cooking dinner"? Or did it mean that my feable attempts at the art of cooking are not being appreciated by the 2 year old? Or maybe I just plain suck at it! I admit though----I did feel like a bad mom at that moment. Shouldnt I be whipping up meals from scratch every night for my family? I mean, come on....after 9 hours at the office, that is the least I can do when I get home, right!? Seriously, I dont want to be the mom who never cooks for her family, that calls "McDonalds" dinner on a weekly basis, and has a beautiful remodeled kitchen (one day this will happen!) that never gets used. I remember coming home to full dinners where my whole family sat at the kitchen table together and talked to each other over real plates and real silverware and (gasp) homecooked food!

Once she was done with the kitchen game, we went upstairs to get ready for bed. Grace was adorable in her "Princess In Training" nightgown and I went about picking up all the clothes scattered across her room. (Here I am again, bad mom for not keeping to baby's room spotless!). All the clothes were away and I was ready to go back downstairs to play some more toddler/bad mom games when I realize something----I may not cook and clean all the time but I have a well trained child when it comes to bedtime! She was standing next to her crib, holding Blankie, and said "I ready Mama". She put herself to bed!!!!!! 30 minutes before scheduled bed time!!!!!!!

I must have done something right along the way (and I dont think cooking and cleaning was it!)


rhonda said...

You must feel FANTASTIC!

kba said...

I'd give up our dinners and somewhat clean house for a baby who doesn't think sleep is caving to the will of "The Man"!!!
I think the fact that you have Grace okay with going to bed and self-motivated to go to bed is AWESOME!