The Fine Art of Supermom Juggling

I am exhausted. I am frustrated. I am stretched so thin that I am not even sure where to start organizing myself. My to-do list is ridiculously long and my energy is draining!

Every weekend until my birthday in the beginning of April is scheduled already. Between work, birthdays, weddings, showers, and all that other stuff, we have something planned for the next 6 weekends! How did that happen!? I knew that we were booked for awhile but this morning, I just wanted to find some time in the schedule to schedule something else (how ironic!) and realized that no weekends are available and things will just have to get done in the evenings during the week. (Really, I was just trying to find a weekend to spend cleaning my house.)

I have committed myself to this "day job" as well as the small wedding job for July and also for Taste of Home Entertaining all while still being a wife and a mother. Can I handle all of this? Not sure but SuperMom must figure it out---there are people depending on her! So, first things first, I am scheduling (once again) a room to clean each night after Grace is asleep; that way the house gets clean in portions. There may never be a time that the house is completely clean but at least I can show people one clean room at a time! Then I am scheduling "office hours" at home to work on the weddings and Taste of Home. Maybe I will use some weeknight hours as well as a few hours on Sundays to do this. I will alternate cleaning and working in the evenings during the week.

Sounds like a plan right? Well, what I am worried about is that now my life is completely scheduled and I will miss time with my family. Remember those pesky resolutions I made? Well I need time with my husband alone, time with Grace alone and time as a family. So no working or cleaning until 8 pm each night. At least that will give me time between 6 and 8 to spend some time with my fantastic hubby and beautiful daughter.

If someone out there knows how to squeeze 25 hours out of a day, please tell me how!!!!


-L said...

I know how that goes with no free weekends. David and I got to the point one time where we actually had to schedule a weekend in to do nothing (well, nothing meaning staying home and cleaning up around the house)! If you need help, or want to vent I'm just a phone call away! I can come over and help you clean if you'd like :)

Kristen said...

Hey! I want to know more about the Taste of home stuff -- btw, your link doesn't work (I think it needs a .com added to it - I added it and it worked fine).

Also, what do you do at weddings? You are a very busy lady. Do you sleep? :)

So-Called Supermom said...

Kristen---can you send me an email at fabulousfetes@yahoo.com and I will send you all sorts of information about Taste of Home. At the moment, i am planning weddings!!!! So glad mine is over but I have so much fun planning for other people!

Kristen said...

Oooh - very fun. I would love to do stuff like that - on a very low key basis though.

Okay - I'll email you.

So-Called Supermom said...

Taste of Home info is on their corporate website, www.entertainingathome.com. There is information about the company, the opportunity, and products. If you want to join my team, please use consultant id# 843272 when using the link from that page.

Send me an email and I would love to share my story with you!

kba said...

I'm working on convincing Ken that a maid isn't a half bad idea - he's freaked out by the thought of someone else touching our things - But really, between working, a baby, seeing family and friends who wants/has time for cleaning?!?!