Bored on Day #2

Meeting day #2. For the most part, it has been really quiet for me. Of course, whenever one person needs assistance, everyone else decides they also want help---at the same time.

I am staying at the meeting hotel this week (not by choice by the way) so I am trying to make the best of my time here. Its a "local" meeting (only about 30 minutes from home) but since I am leaving some equipment in the meeting rooms overnight, the hotel staff has insisted that I stay on property for the entire meeting. Its a double-edged sword really---on one hand, it is nice to be on a mini-"vacation" after the meeting ends to recharge but on the flip side, I already miss kissing Gracie good night and being able to fall asleep next to my husband. Its only 2 nights---I have a friend who lives at her meeting hotel for a month every year so I cant really complain, can I?

SO what have I been doing during the meeting? When I am not assisting the attendees/client with printing or technology issues, I have printed address labels for my sister's bridal shower, planned the bachelorette party, and read a bunch of entertaining blogs. Oh yea....and I was on Babies R Us checking out all the baby gifts for all the babies that will be born in the next few months. (There must be something in the water around here because I have 4 soon-to-be-born babies to shop for!)

I am working on a few posts this week (I have the time so why not?!) so check back often---maybe we can get a lively discussion going!


allie said...

you DO have the right to complain--especially since you're so close to home. And this is coming from someone who understands ;) Let Bill know I'm around if he needs anything :)

kba said...

Allright - if you want a good discussion going - I have a haunting parenting question - how do you get these little boogers to sleep!? Ash is still waking up 2-4 times a night - If she was waking up sad/crying it'd be a different story - but her little head pops up and she's giggling! The booger is laughing and holdling her arms up to get picked up! Sooooo...share your parenting sleep secrets!

Anonymous said...

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