Bathtime Baby

Grace has mixed feelings about the bathtub. She scream and cries when you put her in the tub. About 3 minutes later, she is laughing and splashing and playing with all her toys in there.

Last night was no different. Bill and I let her play in the tub for 10 minutes or so after she was all clean. I put bubbles in her bath in an attempt to minimize the intital crying. When it was time to get out, she cried again because she really wanted to stay and play with all the duckies and froggies in the tub. Bill took her to her room and got her all ready for bed. She had on her adorable Winne the Pooh footie pjs when she came back in the bathroom to find me. Well, apparently she wanted back in the tub because, fully dressed, she walked right over to the tub (that had not been emptyed yet) and put her fully dressed foot back in the water!!! I took her out of the tub, yet again, and there she stood in the bathroom, fully dressed in her footies pjs with one fleece footies soaking wet!!!

Oh how kids will make you laugh!

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cheri getty said...

my youngest daughter did that not too long ago....i think it might just be a phase where they love it/hate it...maybe they wonder if they should be scared? who knows...we just started loading the tub with toys and all was fine...now her and her big sis always have a blast in the tub!