Grey, Grey, Go Away!

Grey hair at 26?! Not for me! I looked in the mirror this past weekend and saw grey hairs! I promptly called Allie to come over and fix my hair. She and Herbal Essences #60 hair dye worked a miracle last night! This morning, Afghani (day care provider---I LOVE HER!) noticed the new 'do. Her comment: "One baby will give you grey! But you are beautiful!". This morning was a little hectic getting out the door (Grace wanted to play with Jake-dog and watch Dora; she was not pleased when I put her coat and hat on to leave!) so Afghani's comment made me feel really good!

So where do all my greys come from? My mom didnt get greys until I was in high school. Grace hasnt even started preschool and I am going grey (its really just a few strands but thats enough for me!). Honestly, I think its stress---again, the Plight of the SuperMom returns. I run myself all over town to get everything done and my reward---grey hairs in my twenties!!! I just cant deal with it! Strech marks from pregnancy--bring 'em on; I see those as battle scars. Dark circles under my eye--proof that I am not getting enough sleep but that I have worked hard to make sure that things are done at work and around the house before resting; again, more battle scars. But grey hair! I refuse to accept them and so they hide under my Herbal Essence #60 hair dye! Take that greys!

I wonder how many greys I would get if Baby #2 ever comes one day? Hmmmm........(can you visualize Bill freaking out right now 'cause Baby #2 was mentioned?!?!?)


kba said...

I too have grey hairs - but we go grey early in my family. So far I've been able to pull them out...but they're starting to become more prolific. I just hate having to do maintenance on my hair...I get my hair cut twice a year (If that often!) and not sure if I can cope with a dye schedule...argh - why can't I be 19 again!?!? I was so hot without any effort or thought... not to mention I had a little more humility... :)

-L said...

Bill's face is probably the same one that David makes if I even vaguely mention baby #1!

Can't wait to see the new hair color ;)